Delivering applications that save time and money for your business without overhead or risk

Delivering applications that save time and money for your business without overhead or risk

Worx is an independent application development agency founded in 2015 in London, UK.
From the outset, we’ve been lucky with our clients. Working with smart and progressive CEOs and entrepreneurs with game-changing visions in financial and education sectors.

In FinTech, EdTech, AnyTech there is no one size fits all solution… However, the reality is that most cloud-based applications have significant similarities and common features that enable one ‘solution’ to be cost-effectively pivoted and extended to meet a wholly different market.

We have kept our business intentionally small, working with only a handful of clients at a time and with a general principle to simply “make business processes more efficient” how we get there, varies a lot.

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  • Identify
  • Rethink
  • Automate
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • Management
  • Scalable
  • Affordable
  • Reliable


Working out which business process needs an overhaul and identifying the fundamental, unchangeable aspects of each stage in the process to create a user requirement specification and overall project scope.


  • What is the goal or desired outcome?
  • When does the process or service begin and end?
  • What activities move the process forward?
  • What departments/people are involved?
  • What data is being transferred?


Commonly the processes or requirements are not unique to a business so the reason clients look to develop something themselves is the available solutions don’t quite work or are too expensive.


We help you rethink your approach to incorporate a wider audience with the potential to become a revenue stream, as well as a cost saver. Designing software to “automate” tasks, organizations can manage processes faster and with fewer errors.


Repeat unnecessary tasks, and productivity stalls. Repeat successful tactics and business flourishes. Once you’ve separated the essential from the non-essential in your business process, it’s time to apply a solution.


We design solutions that help remove menial processes from employee’s workloads, leading to increased productivity by only working on things that matter and more smiles, as no one likes manual, repetitive work.